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  • Bryan,
    we’re ready to skin (8oz poly). Do you know of any good instruction toward sewing the seam without the rolled up “wad” typically seen? I’ve seen two parallel 1/8″ lines referred to and the end result looks tidier, but I’ve not see good illustration of how to accomplish it. Thanks again-

  • It is possible to send the planes of the project “Koryak Kayak” I have problems with the unload.

    Thank you.-

    • Right click the file and select “Save As.” It should then download fine. You’ll need Adobe Reader installed on your computer to see the plan. If you don’t have that it won’t work.

  • Hi Bryan

    I’m in the process of trying to build a kayak and I’ve been using some of the resources on your site. I decided to take on your stapling method to hold the wood in place while the glue dries. I just purchased a stapler that you recommended with T50 staples. My strips are .25 of an inch. I’m using white cedar. What would you venture that I am doing wrong? It seems that the quarter inch stamples I have penetrates the strip and barely enters the template wood, but isn’t nearly strong enough to hold them.

    I appreciate any advice.

    • You need bigger staples. I use 1/4″ staples to hold the strips together between the stations. To staple the strips to the stations, I use 1/2″ staples. I actually use two staple guns when doing this — both are T50. Hope that helps.

  • Hi Bryan

    I read the article about “what where” in cold water drysuit or wetsuit, but i don’t find the answer to my problem. I’m in my second solo kayak experience,the first one was in warm water, the second will be two weeks by visiting different Glaciers in Alaska. What where in that cold water for 2 weeks? Drysuit or wetsuit? while paddling. Your post btw is really helpful at my other questions, hope my english is understandable. My trip will be in August on the southeast of Alaska.

    Thank you.

  • Hello,
    I downloaded the modern malecite plans and I started building it with the boys…….we are unsure about the position of the last skinny station on plans(measures only about 1,5 inches wide) and the bow and stern piece with 1.5 inch offset for the stem… they remain in the canoe? what about last two stations on each end?
    Thank you fr the help,

    • I highly recommend getting Canoecraft. It’s an excellent book that will answer your questions and then some. I usually leave out the last station. The wooden stems remain in the canoe, but the station and stems do not.

  • I am looking for the biggest stitch and glue type plans for a kayak that I can find, I am a big guy,
    #350 and I want to take gear with me, so Im looking for a really good size kayak, that I can build myself.

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