Adventurer Savant

Adventurer Savant?

The Savant Syndrome is when a person with mental disabilities, such as autism, shows above normal capacity in some specific area, such as music or math. We could apply this to adventurers with a little tweaking.

Adventurer Savant: Someone who completes an expedition despite a serious ineptitude in both the physical and mental skills required to succeed at the sport and an inability to properly judge risk thus putting himself or herself into serious danger.


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  • Intriguing idea Bryan. I hope you expand on it with examples. Since even skilled, well-informed and well-equipped adventurers can and do get into trouble sometimes, distinguishing between them and the savants who escape due to either dumb luck or some hidden skill that compensates for their disability should be an interesting topic to explore. The other comparison would be between the savants, who survive, and the equally handicapped who don’t have that something extra, who don’t.

    • It should be an interesting concept to explore. While in the original concept of the phrase, I think it’s more of a compliment. In this case, not so much.

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