Kayak Deck Slates for Navigation

kayak deck slates on a NDK Explorer

Last year, I had a bunch of kayak deck slate stickers made to make them for sale again. I still have a bunch left and available for purchase. Deck slates are handy for taking notes while on the water, for tracking tide information and for keeping notes for navigation. Instructors also use them for writing down names and tracking how a student does during each exercise or paddle stroke.

You write on a deck slate with a grease pencil, and the slates clean up easily either by rubbing the grease off with a wet finger or with an alcohol prep pad.

The stickers are easy to apply. And stick to both composites and plastic kayaks.

I really love mine and wanted to make them available to the public, so that you could enjoy them, too.

Here are a few pictures of the slates. The left is for tide info and navigation notes. The right is for general note. You can see tidal info for a trip I did in Florida and you can see how I used the slates for a kayaking class.

The kayak deck slates run $19.99 for a set. If you want a Listo pen, then the price is $24.99. I accept wholesale orders as well. Contact me for details about the wholesale order program.

Buy a kayak deck slate here.

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