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dave and amy freeman kayak on Lake Superior

On backcountry kayak camping trips, a varied and robust menu seems a given. There are dozens of camping cookbooks devoted to the topic, and 100s and 100s of recipes and even magazine columns devoted to cooking tasty treats while on the trail. All that food planning and preparation takes time and effort, so you might […]


canoe in a national forest

Paddlers being the picky, hard-to-please group that they are, are extremely hard to shop for during the holidays. Most paddlers already own everything they want, except for that new boat. While that new NDK Romany or Northstar Magic would look great under the tree spending a couple grand probably isn’t within everyone’s idea of a perfect […]


kayak at sunset on lake superior

Recently, I’ve been studying for a pilot’s license and came across an interesting way to think about attitudes that might get you into trouble. These attitudes appear in the FAA’s (Federal Aviation Administration) Pilot’s Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge and are described as a predisposition that motivates a person to respond to people, situations or events is […]

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canoe in blue hour under the full moon

One of the missions of PaddlingLight is to promote wilderness protection. Why? There are lots of reasons why wilderness and wild places and public lands are good for us, including mentally and economically, but, perhaps, more importantly because wilderness travel by canoe and kayak is the apex of this sport. It’s what we do. We […]