Canoe and Sunset

A canoe, glass-calm water, and a sunset goes together like bananas, ice cream, and whipped cream. But unlike the quickly fading delight of savoring a banana split, capturing a sunset in a picture allows for sharing and enjoyment for years. Sunset pictures are tricky. Typically, like in the pictures below, you can capture either the […]


Say What? This picture was shot with a Nikon D70 and a 105-macro lens. When shooting wildlife, try to get their picture when they are making a human like expression. Doesn't this turtle looks like he's giving you a cocky stare?

“Lastingly successful art triggers audience responses that are ready to happen in the culture as a whole. Regardless of how perfectly a photographer’s work rends a subject, it is bound to fail unless it strikes that chord that elicits a common emotional and visual response.” From Galen Rowell’s Inner Game of Outdoor Photography, Galen Rowell, […]