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The light-weight philosophy of Nessmuking stresses a strong skill base that allows the wilderness tripper to travel lighter, faster and safer in more comfort and more simply than with traditional tripping styles. The following articles are planned and form the basis of the movement.

Risk Assessment and Stress Management: Often misunderstood, explained too complicatedly, and ignored by many paddlers, here is the basis of safe wilderness travel.

Shelter Construction: If you can make a shelter, you can survive in any weather.

Fire Starting in All Conditions: A warm fire can save the day and make you a happy camper.

First Aid: Sure you know how to treat a small cut, but what would you do if your friend broke a leg 100 miles from nowhere. Learn it here.

Self Trust, Self Belief and Self Will: Learn how to count on yourself in the wilds, how to rebound from set backs, and will yourself through the most stressful situations.

Critical Thinking and Flexibility of Thought: Often adventures get locked into one mode of thought and that leads to danger. Learn how to avoid this pitfall of the mind.

Safe Terrain Negotiation: Every type of terrain requires different types of skills. This set of articles teaches everything from navigating in the fog to running white water.

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  • These are planned but may end up being slightly different than outlined here.

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