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Free Kayak Plans: North Greenland Kayak

Mystic Seaport Museum’s North Greenland kayak appears in Mark Starr’s Building a Greenland Kayak. Starr notes that Admiral Byrd, an Arctic explorer collected the kayak. He thinks it might have been during the 1925 MacMillan expedition to northwest Greenland. This kayak is much different than other kayaks that I’ve drawn. It has a flat bottom, which results from the use of three-part ribs instead of a single bent rib. It’s sides almost rise steeply from the chine to the sheer. The cockpit area looks like a bubble that rises high in a short distance. The turn of the rear stem seems subtle and almost non-existent. For a cedar strip kayak builder, I think there are real challenges in duplicating the look of the cockpit; cedar doesn’t like to twist like that.


Length: 19 feet
Width: 21-3/4 inches

Mystic Seaport Museum Greenland kayak linesplan

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