The Roadless Coast Kayaking Trip Documentary is Now Free

Today, the award-winning film Ikkatsu: The Roadless Coast available for viewing to the public. This is about a kayaking trip that documented the Japanese Tsunami debris along the Washington coast. Here’s the blurb from the movie:

In March of 2011 Japan suffered a devastating earthquake followed by a series of equally devastating tsunamis. As the waters receded, an estimated 1.5 million tons of debris was washed back into the Pacific – all of which was destined to land on distant shores.

In the summer of 2012 three professional kayakers, supported by a staff of mainstream scientists started an unprecedented journey; paddle the roadless coast of Washington to survey the debris on some of the wildest shoreline and ultimately to bring back their data for the scientific community.

This award-winning film documents their journey (Winner Best Environmental Film, Waterwalker Film Festival 2013; World Tour Reel Paddling Film Festival 2013)

The online link to the movie:

The movie:

Ikkatsu: The Roadless Coast from Steve Weileman on Vimeo.

They also have a crowd-funding project currently underway to help with the coast of our second survey expedition to Augustine Island in Alaska. We roll our kayaks aboard the M/V Kennicott on June 22nd to start a 6 day journey to Homer. From there we’ll be in the field doing our surveys for a month.

Help fund the project here:

The following link has project details:

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