waterproof camera cases

For issue 28 of Ocean Paddler, I wrote an article about my approach to kayak expedition photography. In it I touched on the subject of how to pack camera gear for kayaking. I use a similar approach for canoeing. Essentially, my approach is based on the idea that if you can’t get to the camera, […]


Kayaking in the surf.

Using good compositional techniques can turn a boring picture into an interesting one. These photography tips will help give your canoe and kayak images pop. Next time you go paddling try these and see the difference they make. They will make your kayak expedition photography or canoe expedition photography pop. Canoe and Kayak Expedition Photography […]


“Lastingly successful art triggers audience responses that are ready to happen in the culture as a whole. Regardless of how perfectly a photographer’s work rends a subject, it is bound to fail unless it strikes that chord that elicits a common emotional and visual response.” From Galen Rowell’s Inner Game of Outdoor Photography, Galen Rowell, […]