Kayak Deck Slates


Mount a set of kayak deck slates in front of your kayak’s cockpit to make it easy to take notes while on the water. The left slate design is dedicated to a tide chart and the right hand is empty for note taking. Made from UV resistant, 3.5-mil, high-tack vinyl. Any grease pencil writes on the slate. We recommend Listo Marking Pencils.

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Kayak deck slates were popular in Britain and were always hard to get in North America. You basically had to pay an arm and a leg in shipping or had to have a friend go there and bring one back for you. And then they went out-of-print and were imposible to find. Now, it’s easy to get them in North America. PaddlingLight’s kayak deck slates are made from UV resistant, 3.5-mil, high-tack vinyl and are made to stick to your kayak’s deck whether fiberglass or plastic. They make it easy to organize notes for navigation, for teaching or even poetry while you’re on the water.

To take notes, use any grease pencil. We recommend Listo Marking Pencils, which you can purchase with your slate for $5 extra. Listo marking pencils are also available at any office supply store. We stock the black version, but they come in many different colors. When you need to erase the pencil, wet your finger and rub or use a wet cloth. For hard to remove marks, use an alcohol prep pad or a cloth wetted with rubbing alcohol. (Please, note: even though it will work, it’s not acceptable to use good whiskey to clean your deck slate.)

Apply your deck slate to a clean surface. On plastic kayaks, consider roughing up the surface with sandpaper for better adhesion, although this isn’t required. It’s best to apply the slate when the surface of the kayak is around 70°F. Surface contaminants cause warts in the sticker, so make sure to clean your kayak’s deck thoroughly. If you get a blister or large air bubble, don’t push on it, because that will stretch the slate and cause a permanent wrinkle. Use a sharp pin to pop the bubble and then push down so that the air exits the hole.

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Additional information


3.5-mil thickness for extra durability

UV Resistant

Laminated after printing for increased UV resistance

Application temperature range

30°F to 80°F

Service temperature range

Good in temperatures ranging from -65°F to 225°F

Peel Adhesion

Takes a hefty 5.0 lbs/in to peel it off, which makes sure that it stays on your deck until you want to take it off.


Sticks to plastic and composite boats. Plastic surfaces benefit from slight roughening with sandpaper before installation or surface oxidation with flame.

Made in the USA

Made in the USA

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