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The Siskiwit LV combines the quick maneuverability of a 16-foot day boat with the speed and tracking of a 18-foot touring kayak. This all-around, mid-sized British-style sea kayak suits a kayaker looking for a boat with good initial stability that is easy to edge and quick to turn. When the water gets rough, the Siskiwit LV feels more stable. It thrives in tidal flows, surf and waves. When packing like a backpacker, the Siskiwit LV provides enough room to mount a long tour. It will support you as you push your limits.

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The Siskiwit LV is the final refinement of a line of kayaks started from an anthropomorphically designed skin-on-frame kayak. The name comes from the Ojibwe word for a deep-water lake trout found on Lake Superior. Several places on Lake Superior bear the name, but I named the model after Siskiwit Bay on Isle Royale, which is the largest island on the largest lake in the world.

The kayak plans are designed for wood strip construction with 3/16-inch strips. You have the option between the standard deck and an elliptical deck. The standard deck peaks in the center and the elliptical maintains a constant curve. The former provides slightly more knee room. Plans come as a download with full-sized station and stem plan, nestings that show each stem and station separately and a cockpit drawing. You can take the file to a printing store or a office supply store, such as Staples or Office Max, to print the drawings full-sized on 36- by 24-inch paper. Station intervals provided at every foot.


Length: 17 feet
Width: 21-3/16 inches
Volume: 11.478 cubic feet
Optimal capacity: 140 to 240 lbs.*
Coaming height (front): 12-9/16 inches**
Coaming height (rear): 8-11/16 inches**

* You can push the capacity either way by 20 to 40 lbs. with a slight penalty in performance.
** Coaming height given without a recess. If you build a recess, the front will drop by up to 9/16 of an inch, and the rear can drop by up to 1 inch.


Waterline length: 14 feet 10.8 inches
Waterline beam: 21 inches
Draft: 5 inches
Prismatic coefficient: 0.52
Wetted surface: 20.96 sq. feet

(Hydrostatics calculated with a 250-pound load and a 47-pound kayak.)

Speed Vs. Resistance

Resistance in pounds

Speed – Winter/KAPER
2 knots – 0.86
3 knots – 1.80
4 knots – 3.33
4.5 knots – 4.83
5 knots – 7.30

Study Plan

The study plan shows both deck options and a suggested deck layout. Download a larger study plan [pdf]. The study plan is not for building. Some errors may exist.

Siskiwit LV sea kayak study plan


This stability chart may not relate exactly to those found in Sea Kayaker Magazine.

stability chart


See the Frequently Asked Questions.

Builder Photos

Photo of completed Siskiwit LV sea kayaks.

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