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Snow Peak Titanium Bowl Review

snow peak titanium bowl review

The Snow Peak Titanium Bowl measures 5.5 by 3 inches and holds 20 fl. oz. It weighs a claimed 1.6 oz. It’s made out of titanium which means that it doesn’t rust and you can cook in it. It fits perfectly inside Snow Peak’s Titanium Multi Compact Cookset. By combining the lightweight camping bowl with the cookset, you get a sub-14 oz. cookset with enough gear to cook elaborate meals for two. But, is it too good to be true? This is my Snow Peak Titanium Bowl review.

Snow Peak Titanium Bowl Review

I purchased the Snow Peak Titanium Bowl earlier in the year and didn’t use it until I took it on a 17-day canoe trip across the BWCA. The three of us on the trip cooked single pot meals over a gas stove or over a fire.  We used cups and bowls to eat out of. We were packing a Bushbuddy-like stove to cook over, and it fit inside the single pot we were carrying, which meant that the Snow Peak Titanium Bowl needed to fit unprotected into a pack during travel. I worried that outside a protective pot it would be smashed. It held up fine and maintained its shape despite my worries.

Eating out of the bowl worked fine. Although the bowl is made from just a thin layer of titanium, it never felt overly hot while holding the bowl in my hands. It held about the perfect amount of food for a first helping and a second helping filled the bowl halfway up. It’s hard to find anything wrong with the bowl. I even found that I could easily sip out of it.

I’ve been looking for something light like this bowl for years now and in the past it tired Orikaso’s Folding Bowls, which are lighter, but harder to pack and harder to clean. This bowl packs easily and is easy to clean.

The Perfect Two-Person Cookset Thoughts

The perfect lightweight two-person cooksetOver the last few year, I’ve tweaked my cookset for one person and arrived at something that I’m happy with, but I think that I’m finally made the perfect lightweight two-person cookset. It weighs 15 oz. plus fuel. Here’s what I’ve refined it to:

This gives you a pot, bowl and fry pan lid that you can cook in. It includes an easy to use stove, and everything nests inside the pot. To save weight, you could change out the MSR stove for the Snow Peak Litemax Stove. That would get you down to 14 oz. and still give you all the benefits of this system. If you use a pop can stove, you’d save even more weight.


You can’t really lose with Snow Peak’s Titanium Bowl. It’s only $16. It’s light. You can cook in it. And it’s the right size. It’s durable. I dare say that it’s the perfect camping bowl.

Highly Recommended.

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