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  • do you still have your Bell Magic ? How has it held up ver the years ? Sorry to see Bell canoes not being manufactured any longer………….Jerry ( I have a Bell Magic in Kevlite with alum gun )

    • I still have a Magic. It’s a great canoe and it’s holding up fine. I need to fix the gelcoat, but overall it’s in good shape.

  • Yes, it’s sad. I wanted to buy a lighter Northwind. Now, I have three Bell’s: a Magic, a Merlin II, and a Royalex Northwind. Can anyone out there give me some advice about the “next best” brand and model for a tandem, such as the Northwind? Bell canoes were”the best.”

  • am looking for plans for a plywood two person kayak . any ideas?

  • Davis Love III is the brand new captain of the U.S.
    Ryder Cup group. Can he lead the USA to victory in 2016 on residence soil in Minnesota?

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