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tubism zip tubes

I’m always on the lookout for lightweight products that can carry liquids easily without leaking. The gold standard is¬†Nalgene bottles, because they don’t leak. But, they weigh more than I’d like at 0.5 ounces, and they don’t work with food or products you need to squeeze. I was excited when I saw the Tubism resealing […]


kayaking in florida keys

See that island in the distance? The one surrounded by mangroves. Unlike other mangrove islands, the center of this one was all sand instead of clay. It also had a sandy beach that faced north with a view to the distant Seven-Mile Bridge in the Florida Keys and a view towards the setting sun. With […]

Menu Planning

Wild rice and paddling go together. Some of the first canoes were used to harvest wild rice, and if you paddle in Minnesota’s Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness chances are you have paddled through a rice field. It not only goes with paddling, but it tastes great. A wild rice soup poured over mashed potatoes […]