Tarp Shelter Set-up

This is an Integral Designs 8′ x 10′ Sil Tarp supported by two trekking poles. The center pole is extended to 48 inches (120 cm), and the front pole can be varied up and down depending on how much venting you want from the front. In a storm the front can be closed almost all the way down. You can use a taut-line hitch on the front guy line to make it easy to adjust from inside the tarp.

Set Up: To set-up stake out the two back corners and one front corner, then add the center pole making sure that the tip is firmly planted into the ground. Next, stake out the second front corner and then add the front pole and guy line. After that stake out the side and back guy out lines.

This can also be set-up with-out a center pole by running a line from the center pull out back to a paddle and then down to the ground. You can substitute paddles for the trekking poles.

Note: These pictures were taken a long long time ago with a really cheap first generation digital camera. The quality is poor.

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  • Thanks for the pics! They really help. Is the front entrance pole upside down?

  • Yes, it’s upside down and slotted through the front guy loop. This is a bomber set-up.

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