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Writer’s Guidelines

Some of the most popular articles on were written by hobbyists, who felt like something they knew would help other paddlers — that’s the key for writing an article for PaddlingLight — if you think something you know or do would help other paddlers, it might be a good fit for this website.

If you’re going to submit an article, consider the following guidelines. If you have question, drop me a line at

  • Articles range in length from 400 words to 5000 words. It’s the Internet though, so shorter tends to be better.  And who am I to argue with that.
  • Write about canoeing and kayaking.  If it has a lightweight angle, that’d be cool.
  • Photos make everything better. Send some or let me know what you need and maybe I can take a few for you.
  • Write for these categories:
    • Build It Yourself
    • Canoes
    • Dear Nessmuking
    • Equipment
    • Free Kayak and Canoe Plans
    • How to Choose
    • Kayaks
    • Meal Planning
    • News
    • Personal Essay
    • Photography
    • Reviews
    • The Lightweight Philosophy
    • Trip Reports
    • Tutorial
  • The most popular categories:
    • Free Kayak and Canoe Plans
    • Tutorial
    • Build It Yourself
    • Trip Reports
    • Reviews
  • Forum posts tend to disappear. Here they get their own page. Don’t let your thoughts get lost. Write it there and submit it here.

All writers own the copyright to their material. receives a perpetual, non-exclusive, irrevocable and royalty-free right and license for use on this Internet site. You are stated as the author. If you have a website, the article will link to it. You have the option of having your picture and brief biography (150 words) appear on the About page.

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