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Free Canoe Plan: 1898 Passamaquoddy Ocean Canoe

Free Passamaquoddy canoe plan

The 1898 Passamaquoody Decorated Ocean Canoe comes from page 82, Figure 74 of Edwin Adney and Howard Chapelle’s The Bark Canoes and Skin Boats of North America. The text notes that this is the last known canoe of this style built. Tomah Joseph of Princeton, Maine built the canoe based on a cedar and canvas porpoise-hunting canoe. It has similar pinched ends and rounded tumblehome as the Modern Malecite St. John River Canoe.

[half column title=”The Stats”]

Length over all: 17ft 4in
Design beam: 36in
Design draft: 0.436in
Displacement: 510lb
Length of waterline: 15.8ft
Wetted surface area: 29.5ft^2
Optimum capacity: 300-800lb
Pounds to immerse an inch: 145lb

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[half column title=”Linesplan”]

The linesplans show the profile, plans and station view of this canoe.

Passamaquoddy Canoe Linesplan

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Free Canoe Plan Download

You can find the free canoe plans for here: 1898 Passamaquoddy Ocean Canoe

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