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Free South Greenland Kayak Plans

Perspective view of the South Greenland kayak.

The South Greenland kayak, Figure 208 in the Bark Canoes and Skin Boats of North America, is a more modern design than both the Southwestern Greenland kayaks (Figure 206 and 207) that appear as free plans in earlier posts. Chapelle notes that later kayaks had greater rake of the stems, reduced deadrise and greater flare. The sheerline seems less sweeping than the older types, too. He claims that these more modern designs were faster and quicker turning than the old types. In the drawings, a bow plate is shown fixed to the bow.

Perspective view of the South Greenland kayak.This kayak seemed easy to model. The chines and low deadrise faired directly into the stems. On other kayaks, it takes extra time to model the transition between a hard chine pressing through the skin and an area of free-floating skin. I rounded the deck instead of modeling in deck beams, because it’d be easier to build with cedar strips. Like the rest of the models in my Free Winter Canoe and Kayak Project, I drew lines for building with 3/16-inch strips. Unlike the rest of the models, I drew the stems offset from the stations. Because the stems are so long, it forced me into a larger paper size, so instead of leaving lots of empty space, I used the space to unclutter the stations.

On a side note, Björn Thomasson used this kayak as the basis for his wildly popular Black Pearl. Deciding between the two would be a tough choice. Build a kayak known as excellent or risk building the original and take part in some experimental archeology.


Length: 19 feet 6 inches
Width: 20-1/4 inches

Kayak and Canoe Building Books

You’ll need instructions if you want to build this kayak. These are the books to buy.

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Get the Drawing Package or Free Kayak Plans Downloads

The free kayak plans are study plans with the stem and stations appearing on one drawing. The drawing package includes the full-sized study plan and each station and stem drawn separately on a PDF that prints full sized on ARCH D size paper (nestings). You can cut these out and glue them to plywood to cut full-sized forms. A pdf of the electronic drawing package. is available for this kayak. You can print the file on 24- by 36-inch paper on your own.


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