National Hammock Day Giveaway

a hammock by the mountains

Did you know that there’s a national hammock day? I didn’t either, but, whether or not this is a made up holdiay, it’s one that I’d like to celebrate. You can easily celebrate it by kicking back on July 22nd in a hammock. If the bugs in northern Minnesota aren’t too bad that day, I’m going to.

To help you celebrate Grand Trunk Goods is giving away $3000 in prizes — that’s a lot of hammocks. To win you need to upload a photo of your Grand Trunk gear or a photo of where you want to go with your Grand Trunk gear and then you get your friends to vote for your picture. 31 winners will be chosen on July 20th, so hurry up and enter the contest.

To get ready for National Hammock Day, Grand Trunk has sent me a hammock to test out. I’ll let you know what I think.

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