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Photo: Have a Good Caption?

kayak surfing kayakhenge

I took this of¬†Andrea Knepper at the Great Lakes Sea Kayak Symposium. Clearly she’s having fun, but what’s she doing?

Do you have a good caption for this photo?

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  • The secret to how Stonehenge was built!

    or something similar with kayakhenge in it ;-)



  • Now, that`s how you play Angry Kayaks!

  • Piroutte after hurdles.

  • Although Andrea was not expected to medal this year in pole vault she won the Gold on her final attempt!

  • Caption for Andrea: Kayaking on High!

  • Demonstrating the high brace

  • Kayaking in thin air

  • A new sport has taken the sky-diving community by storm!

  • Great and funny captions, everyone.

  • The answer to every question in kayaking is either It Depends or Torso Rotation. Clearly, the answer to your question is Torso Rotation.

  • Kayak Gagnham Style!

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