Siskiwit SOF Kayak Stolen!

two kayaks on a beach

In a recent email from Marcelo, who built a Siskiwit SOF back in 2015, he wrote:

My wife stole my Siskiwit! LOL

Hence, I needed to build another kayak for me, I choose a skin-on-frame baidarka. I added a system of bulkheads and dry hatches for camping gear and a rudder/skeg for trim in winds.

Some pics in the Nahuel Huapi Lake:

When I asked if I could share the pictures of his new kayak, he sent along some details of the baidarka build. The construction looks just as good as the construction pictures of his Siskiwit SOF (see Siskiwit SOF Detail Page for a few photos). Here are details:

I did not use any plans. I build it from anthropometric measures from my own body and all the information I got it from the internet. Mr. Brinks´s book, Zimmerly´s article, Dyson´s page, forums, and so on, mixing everything and doing what I thought was right.

I added bulkheads and dry hatches for camping gear, rudder control and deck rigging diverting a little from the original baidarka making it more functional to me.

All the wood I used was recycled from leftovers and scrap, here and there, the same for the greenland paddles. The fabric is not ballistic nylon — we don’t have it here — it is polyester tablecloth. The same I used in Siskiwit, but painted with floor elastomeric latex (cheap but heavy).

Hatch details

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  • Amazing work your details look wonderful! How did you cover the hatches it hard for me to make out from the pictures. Thank you for sharing this beautiful thing.

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