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Watch Free Classic Paddling Films Online

Injured? Is the water frozen? Or is there some reason that you can’t get out on the water? If you have a high speed Internet connection, there are dozens of online classic paddling film to help you pass the time. It isn’t a complete substitute for the joy of being on the water, but, at least, you get to watch something that you really enjoy.

Bill Mason Films

If you’ve never taken the time to watch one of the original paddling documentary film makers work, then it’s about time you did. You’ll be captivated by his love for the Great Lakes and northern woods.

Watch online: Bill Mason’s Films at the National Film Board of Canada

César’s Bark Canoe

A short documentary without commentary about building a birch bark canoe.

Watch online: César’s Bark Canoe

Jacques-Yves Cousteau’s St. Lawrence: Stairway to the Sea

Jacques-Yves Cousteau! Do I need to say more? Red hats. Up the St. Lawrence exploring the Great Lakes.

Watch online: Jacques-Yves Cousteau’s St. Lawrence: Stairway to the Sea

Canadian Landscape

This documentary follows painter A.Y. Jackson on his canoe trips and on foot to the northern wilderness of Canada in autumn. This leading member of the Group of Seven discusses his approach to his subject matter and shows some of his paintings.

Watch online: Canadian Landscape

River of Life

This documentary focuses on the Yukon River Quest, the world’s longest annual canoe and kayak race. Athletes come from around the world to test their endurance, racing day and night along 740 kilometres of rugged river shoreline. The film chronicles the experiences of the all-female 2006 Paddlers Abreast team. By following them from the moment they climb into their boat in Whitehorse to the cheers that greet them in Dawson City, the film tells an exhilarating story of a group of women who have faced death and understand how precious life is.



This film recreates the true story of Tom Sukanen, an eccentric Finnish immigrant who homesteaded in Saskatchewan in the 1920s and 1930s. Sukanen spent ten years building and moving overland a huge iron ship that was to carry him back to his native Finland. The ship never reached water.

Short and fun.
Watch Online: Shipbuilder

Kayaking: Brett Heyl

Two years ago, Brett Heyl sought to improve his stock within the American kayaking scene – so he packed up everything he owned and moved to Charlotte, N.C., the new home of the U.S. Whitewater Center.


Into the Tsangpo Gorge

In a remote corner of Tibet, seven young world-class kayakers take on the most feared whitewater river on earth, through the 18,000 ft. deep Tsangpo Gorge. Excellent!

Watch Online: Into the Tsangpo Gorge

Kayaking Sri Lanka

Watch Online: Kayaking Sri Lanka

Canyoneering plus kayaking.

Watch Online: Reunion Island Canyaking

Do you know of others?

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