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Two Pictures: Tettegouche State Park and Pigeon Bay Kayaking Trips

Boxcar Island in Pigeon Bay, Minnesota

This summer, I started a new kayak guiding company and am one of the few Grand Marais kayaking companies. One of the reasons that I started this company was because I love paddling and wanted to share it with more people and many of the locations that I guide weren’t being guided anymore since a friend of mine sold his business several years ago. In Grand Marais, no one was guiding the Fall River Trip. No one was guiding the full Tettegouche State Park trip, although two places do half the trip, and no one was doing Pigeon River. Additionally, no guides in the area were running multi-day trips along the Lake Superior Water Trail.

Cave of Waves, Tettegouche State Park KayakingThe two pictures in this post are examples of why I love paddling on the north shore and why I wanted to start this company. The above picture is from Pigeon Bay. The island is one of the Boxcar Islands (Border Islands). They’re all about this size and have just enough space between islands to weave a kayak through. The other picture is from Tettegouche State Park. The cave is called the Cave of Waves and because it’s a long way away from the Silver Bay put-in that other outfitters use, it doesn’t get visited. I structured my trips to include a portage to a beach at the start and end of the trip, which puts the group into position to reach this cave. It’s worth it.

I really love kayaking and exploring places like this is why.

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  • Makes me wish I lived closer to Lake Superior. My trip to Whitefish Bay was geat, but too short. Hopefully soon I can take a longer trip up there.

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