SeasonFive Phantom Review: A windproof, waterproof rash guard

SeasonFive phantom

SeasonFive, a recently launched watersports clothing company with a purpose of making innovative clothing to keep you on the water longer, attempts to do just that with the Phantom Long Sleeve shirt. The Phantom uses SeasonFive’s proprietary Atmos 1.0 fabric, which combines a water repellent outer fabric, a waterproof/breathable membrane and a soft inner fabric into one top. I tested the top for the last six months and used it on a 45-day kayaking expedition. This is my SeasonFive Phantom Review.

SeasonFive Phantom Features

In addition to the waterproof/breathable Atmos fabric, the Phantom features a zippered expansion on the shirt’s back, flat lock stitching to make the seams feel comfortable and a set on cuff. SeasonFive designed the piece with a snug fit to keep out water and support your muscles. It features a 4-way stretch, which allows the piece to move with you. It combines gray-colored side panels with a black main body and a welded logo for a clean look.

In Usage

During the time that I tested it, I used it primarily in three ways. I used it under my drysuit as a layer, under my wetsuit and a short sleeve drytop and over my wetsuit as a barrier layer. It had advantages in all three uses. Before I address all three uses, I want to say something about the fit. The snug fit felt very supportive, and during my expedition, especially towards the end, when my muscles felt tired in the morning, the fit felt great and soothing to put on.

As a layer under my drysuit, it provided additional wind protection, which basically stopped any wind that happened to get through the Gore-Tex of my suit. When I wore the suit without the top, I could feel the difference in wind penetration. The outer fabric move smoothly inside my drysuit which made the drysuit feel like it fit better (it already feels like it fits perfectly, so this was a pleasant surprise). I found that the shirt worked best under a drysuit with a synthetic long underwear top worn under it. This seemed to help wick the moisture away from my body and through the Phantom quicker than without it, which kept me feeling drier during the day. I layered extra insulation over the Phantom as needed.

Under the wetsuit and drytop, it functioned in much the same way as under a wetsuit. It provided extra warmth and wind protection. Because I was using a short-sleeve drytop, the arms of the Phantom were exposed from my elbows to my wrists. On my expedition, where I didn’t wash my clothing that often, the cuffs of the Phantom stretched slightly, which allowed some of the 45 degree Fahrenheit water into the sleeve. The water sloshed around a little until it drained back out of the cuff. Also without the drytop on if I did rolls, the top would flush water into my wetsuit, which on colder water felt like a shock.

Wearing the Phantom over my wetsuit, worked great. When water flushed into the top, it didn’t flush my wetsuit, and the extra wind resistance of the top, kept me warm. The fabric dried quickly after a roll or during brace practice. I think this is the ideal use for the top, but when you wear it this way, you don’t get the soothing supportive fit. In warmer water, wearing the Phantom without a wetsuit works well, too.

Overall Conclusion About the SeasonFive Phantom Top

I like it. It’s one of the best rash guards that I’ve had the pleasure of using. I definately like having it along on a long-distance expedition, because it feels versatile and warm under a drysuit on a cold day. During practice on warmer water, wearing it over my wetsuit felt perfect. It kept the wind off, which allowed me to wear less layers of neoprene. I think this top is ideal for someone who uses a wetsuit often or for someone who paddles in warmer water and just wants a top to break the wind. The fit feels flattering, and the clean look feels stylish, which doesn’t hurt the ego. If you’re looking for a rash guard, this one is worth your money.

Phantom Long Sleeve | $99

I want to thank SeasonFive for providing the top to test and letting me keep it longer than usual to use on my expedition. It was a pleasure to test this product.

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  • What about the odors? Synthetics are infamous for that reason. How did Phantom do?

  • >>As a layer under my drysuit, it provided additional wind protection, which basically stopped any wind that happened to get through the Gore-Tex of my suit.<<
    Hmmm, you must have a very big gash in your Gore-Tex suit. I thought that Gore-Tex material is 100% windproof.
    What you might be feeling is the cold surface temperature created by evaporative cooling effect of the water on the fabric?

  • Odors: It definately got smelly on the trip. Over the 45 days, I washed my clothing three times. Almost everything got pretty smelly, except my Wintergreen pants that I wore in camp and slept in and my Terramar wool 3/4 zip which I wore in camp and slept in. The Phantom is like other synthetics, on a long trip, it’s going to smell.

    @gnarlydog – No, it was definately less wind penetration, because I could tell the difference even when the drysuit was dry. W. L. Gore may claim 100% windproof (I’ve never seen them use that number), but I don’t buy that for a second. Even my other Gore-tex coats allow some wind through it. This was one of the windiest trips that I’ve done. It’s a brutal weather year around these parts.

  • Bryan, can that top be described as light, medium or heavy weight material. Also, was there any pilling on the inside or outside surfaces after so much use?

  • I describe it as light. There was no pilling on the inside or outside. The fabric is smooth and slick that feels like a lightweight soft shell. Some of the stitching on the arms fuzzed up. I suspect that was caused from wearing it under a drysuit.

  • How far down does that front zipper go? Seriously thinking this would be a nice top for me during fall paddling season, and a good one for under the dry top during late fall paddling.

  • It’s a rear surfer-style zipper. It goes to my mid-back, but it just closes the neck tighter. There’s fabric connecting the two zipper sides, so it doesn’t air you out. It makes it easier to get over your head, but I’m not sure it’s really needed.

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