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First Look: Flip Reel – a fishing handline for kayaking and canoeing

flip reel review

Have you ever wanted to fish from your canoe or kayak, but didn’t want to deal with rods and reels? The Flip Reel by Squiddies offers a solution. It’s an easy-to-pack hand fishing line. The line, sinker and tackle all store inside the flip reel when not in use. The reel itself is compact and portable, and has a line cutter built in. It weighs 5.3 ounces without tackle.

To use the Flip Reel, you flip open the bell to expose the reel, clip on the tackle (and bait the hook if needed), then you wet the reel completely. To cast, you spin the line around in a circle and let go so it casts out to sea. When finished, you wind in the line by hand and hook the tackle into the tackle storage holes and then flip the bell back to cover the reel, line and tackle.

The last time I reviewed a handline, it was lots of fun (See: WaayCool Kayak Fishing Handlines Review). I’m looking forward to reviewing Squiddies Flip Reel.

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Disclosure of Material Connection: PaddlingLight received a Flip Reel by Squiddies for free in consideration for review publication.

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  • This is a modified Cuban Reel style of fishing….very cool..i have not seen one with the rubber flip before, usually (traditionally they are hard plastic or wood.
    Would love to try one out!!!!

    We use Cuban reels in the kite world for holding fighter kite line too…..

  • This flip reel is fantastic! Thanks for this info and I’m looking further info about this.

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