Orange Mud Transition Towel and Seat Wrap Review

using the Orange Mud Transition Towel and Seat Wrap to change in the snow

One of the awkward parts of paddling happens after you finish kayaking and need to change out of a wetsuit or wet swim trunks. If you’re like me, you usually forget bringing a towel, but if you have one, the worst is when you have it wrapped around your waist, your wetsuit is around your ankles and then the towel lets go. It’s a quick naked shuffle to the car door and you hear lots of jeering from your friends. This is where Orange Mud’s Transition Towel and Seat Wrap comes into play.

the belt on the transition towl.
This is the belt on the towel.

Orange Mud’s Transition Towel and Seat Wrap is a towel with a built-in belt clip and a zippered hood that allows you to drape the hood over your car seat, so you can keep it clean. The belt chip is secure — no more naked shuffling for me — and for me the length of the towel provides plenty room. My better half who is about 6 inches shorter than I wanted a little extra length — probably because I just need to cover my waist down and she needs to cover her shoulders down. Still, the length from where the belt goes around your waist or around your chest to its bottom is only 30 inches. It feels a bit short to me, especially for women. Beach towels are typically 36 inches measured the same way, so maybe the loss of 6 inches isn’t that big of a deal. For me, it works fine.

Transition towel pocket over a car seat
The pocket fits over a car seat to prevent it from sliding off the seat.

When using the towel to change, you unzip the hood and the towel acts like a typical towel, but when you zip up the hood, it creates a pocket in the towel that you can put over the top of your car’s seat. The pocket prevents the towel from slipping off the seat. It stays in place and protects your seat from getting wet. If like me, you like to load the kayak before you change into dry clothing, the towel keeps your car seat dry when you move it to the shore.

The Transition Towel & Seat Wrap is one product that’s going to live in my car in 2014. I expect I’ll get lots of use out of it. You can get your own for $39.95.


Disclosure of Material Connection: I received Transition Towel and Seat Wrap for free from Orange Mud as coordinated by Deep Creek Public Relations in consideration for review publication.

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  • Not sure why I havent’ done this yet, I still do the towel and dash thing, but I have buddies who spent $2 at goodwill and bought old oversized bathrobes to change in after paddling. I also have a friend who sewed two medium sized blankets together with a head hole slit cut in the middle where they pop their head through. Full hands free coverage for stripping down and changing in the parking lot. Looks strange, but it’s warm and costs pennies.

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