Skeeter Beater Magnetic Vehicle Window Screens Review

Skeeter Beater Magnetic Vehicle Window Screens

I’d hate to admit this but since I bought a Subaru Outback, I tend to sleep inside the car more than I front-country camp anymore. It’s far more convenient unless I’m camping in the same spot for several days. That doesn’t happen as often as it used to. The car gets stuffy without the windows down, so during bug season it’s good to have mosquito netting to cover the windows. This last summer, North Fork Gear sent me a set of Skeeter Beater Magnetic Vehicle Window Screens to review.

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Skeeter Beater Magnetic Vehicle Window Screens in storage sack
Skeeter Beater Magnetic Vehicle Window Screens inside the storage sack.

The Skeeter Beater Magnetic Vehicle Window Screens allow you have open your car’s windows while providing protection from biting bugs. Made from polyester¬†No See Um netting, they keep out the smallest of bugs and mosquitoes. The screens are a single layer (not pocket-style) and held onto the car with magnets. They come in a stuff sack for storage. They make different sizes available to accommodate different vehicles and they come in multiple colors, including a camouflage pattern that would be good for photographers that shoot wildlife from the car. The screens are made in the USA.

I found that they are easy to use. You pull them out of the stuff sack, find the right side for the window and then you just let the magnets hold the screens onto your car. It really couldn’t be easier to attach these to the car.

The only downside is that the fit for my Subaru Outback’s rear windows wasn’t a custom fit. As you can see in the photos, they extend past the door. This made it difficult to get into and out of the car without having to reset the screens. In the end, I just used the front doors and crawled into the back. I did notice that occasionally a bug would get into the car. I can’t tell if that is because the fit isn’t perfect or if the bug came in with me when getting into the car.

Skeeter Beater Magnetic Vehicle Window Screens on Subaru Outback's rear windows

Regardless, they kept the majority of the bugs out of the car and allowed for air to circulate into the vehicle while sleeping. This greatly improved the experience of sleeping in the car. I may pick up the extra large panel screen to allow for an open hatchback.

If you are looking for a product to help keep bugs out of your car, check these out. They may be the perfect solution.

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