• launching your kayak in light surf

    Launching Your Kayak in Light Surf

    One of the challenges for new kayakers is launching your kayak in light surf, especially if you haven’t had any instruction and haven’t developed a sense of balance or gotten your sea legs. A light shore break can feel mighty challenging if you’ve never paddled out before, especially one with a slight dumping wave. The […]

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  • new Minnesota boat trailer law

    Welcome to Minnesota. Show Me Your Boat Trailer Papers, Please.

    Next time you trailer your canoe or kayak in Minnesota, you could be pulled over by a conservation officer who, just like the KGB in the former Soviet Union, demands to see your papers. Well, it might not be that bad and your papers are a decal on your trailer, so it’s really not like that […]

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  • hansel_bryan_141123-5

    For Sale: Nikon AW1 Waterproof Camera

    Selling my Nikon AW1 waterproof interchangeable lens camera. There’s the normal wear and tear. Some scratches on the back. Images from this camera have run double truck in Ocean Paddler Magazine. This is a huge upgrade in image quality vs. p&s cameras. $525 + shipping New for $699 at Amazon. Tweet Pin It

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