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    River of Doubt Centennial Canoe Expedition Completed

    Minnesota adventurers Dave Freeman and Paul Schurke, who have been in Brazil since late May canoeing the Amazon’s mythical “River of Doubt,” successfully completed their 400-mile expedition today. During this centennial year, they have retraced President Theodore Roosevelt’s epic 1914 first descent of the river that nearly cost him his life and now bears his […]

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  • kayak deck slates on a NDK Explorer

    Kayak Deck Slates for Navigation

    Last year, I had a bunch of kayak deck slate stickers made to make them for sale again. I still have a bunch left and available for purchase. Deck slates are handy for taking notes while on the water, for tracking tide information and for keeping notes for navigation. Instructors also use them for writing […]

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  • IMG_3625

    Rhythm of the Hayes: Paddling Expedition to Hudson Bay

    From Juan Pablo Quiñonez: The expedition will focus in creating a short film with “our connection to nature” as its theme. Two ecotourism and outdoor leadership students will embark on a remote route along the Hayes River from northern Lake Winnipeg through 610 kilometres of wilderness to arrive at their destination on the shores of […]

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