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    More Tower Problems for the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness

    The sky was so crystal clear last night. I stepped out of my house to go get something out of my car and noticed that the treeline in my yard would make a great night photo. I shut off all the lights in the house and made this shot. I live in northern Minnesota near […]

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    Sea Kayak Safety

    Practitioners of SEA KAYAKING are a bunch of safety-conscious hoopy froods.  We sass this because sea kayakers always talk about safety. For example, “You just posted that video of the place I paddle. The video only showed calm water, but it gets crazy there. You should have introduced the video with a 15 minute safety […]

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    Slightly Off Topic: GOP Wants to Make Hikers and Bikers Pay to Hike and Bike

    Recently in Minnesota members of the state’s GOP proposed that hikers and bikers pay user fees to use state trails (not to mention they already pay for a park pass). I wouldn’t be surprised to see paddlers targeted as well for using state water trails. The reason the GOP cited was because snowmobilers pay user […]

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