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Glen Smith has asked that his free kayak plans be removed. Instead, check out these great plans, which include ready-to-print station drawings.

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  • I’d be happy to buy a beer, but I can’t down load and make it open with the kayak foundry program.
    got some primer on how to make this work?
    I’m looking for plans for a couple of …… slower kids to build.

  • Hey Tony,

    Which file are you having a hard time downloading?

    Are you “Right Clicking” and “Save As”?

    I just noticed that the later two files are in a .zip, so you’ll need to extract them. If you’re running Vista, right click and select extract here.

    If none of this works, I’ll email you the files.

    Let me know.

  • I just downloaded one of the zip files to my desktop. I just double-clicked on the zip folder and when it opened I double-clicked on the kayak foundry logo and I was prompted to choose kayak foundry as the program, I clicked on “open” and it worked fine.

  • That’s good to know.

    Tony, you should buy Glen a beer by using the Donate to Glen for Plans button near the top of the page.

  • Hi Glen,

    I am building your 17′ 165lbs boat. I weigh 185, is this going to be much of an issue?

  • The extra 20 pounds will bring the kayak down by 3/10″ and the added friction will be hard to notice. Go for it!

  • Hi Glen,
    Is that canoe plan still available and if so has anyone built it?

  • Hi James, which canoe plan are you looking for?

  • Hi Glen,
    My preference was for the 12 ft plan but I found that you removed it and replaced it with a 13’6″. I like the stem profile of the 12 ft.I do have some questions regarding the suitability of the 13’6″ for my purposes. Should I ask them here or email you

  • James, please email me:

  • hello,
    which one is the plan for×300.jpg ?

    the first one ? thanks

    p.s. do you have more pictures with this awesome kayak ?

  • That kayak was build according to custom ordered plans which cannot be shared.
    If it is the stars and stripes look that you find awesome, the builder used analine dye and a lot of hard work to do that.
    I could ask him permission to send you a link to more photos of that kayak if you wish but you cannot obtain the design file.

  • no, is not about the stars and stripes, is about the shape of the kayak. i think this design is awesome and i’d like to see more photos of if. (you could send an email with the link if you don’t want to make it public).

    p.s. – tell me please, this kind of kayak is suitable for rivers ?

  • You are right, it is an awesome design with very good handling features. It was custom designed for a precise paddler weight and his preferred paddling locations which are lakes and slow moving rivers in State Parks.
    You can view photos of the build at this link:

    Enjoy it.

  • @Alin-What kind of rivers? Are you looking to paddle whitewater or slow moving rivers?

  • @Bryan – on Danube more exactly :)

  • thanks :)

  • Hi, I don`t understand Kayak Foundry program very well. Is it`s possible to make my own project? I want to change dimensions of kayak, yours is to big for me.. The lenght should be aprox 3m.

  • I suggest you join this forum to learn all about Kayak Foundry functions:

  • thank you very much!

  • Very strange! Does it perform well?

  • the direction in navigation is good
    has an amazing ability to surf
    suffers with high winds
    collects many algae ;-)
    Overall I thought the worse
    is in the end is a little uncomfortable but its lines …… I liked him a lot and I built

  • i can’t figure out how to download the petite version, but i see the link and i have the program

  • When you click on the download file, it probably opens a page of offsets with all kinds of gibberish. Save this file to your desktop but add ( .yak ) after the file name. The file name should now show as “petite-w.yak” .It should save it as a yak file then you can use it with Kayak Foundry.

  • It looks like Bryan will have to correct the problem with the “petite-w” file.

  • My girlfriend and I are tring to build a 2 person Kayak any one have plans would like to buy one but money is tight these days so looking for free plans or reasonably priced ones

    thank you in advance

  • Hey, Wayne, I don’t know of any. Maybe Glen will chime in.

  • In Nick Schade’s book “The strip-built sea kayak” there are offsets for building a Guillemot Double.

  • In Ted Moores’ book “Kayakcraft” there are ofsets for the Reliance.

  • Hi Can’t download the petite-w. Seems like something’s wrong with that file.

  • What are your thoughts on using the second kayak, the 17 ft 165 lb kayak as a warm, salt water kayak. Im from florida and would love to build a kayak that can works in the sea as well.

  • or the edger II for that matter

  • Both designs would be suitable as long as you don’t exceed the displacement. The Edger II has more initial stability.

  • Thank you for making the plans available. Has anyone built either the petite W or the 17-165? Do you have any pictures of them? I’d really like to see how they turned out.

    Thanks again.

  • On September 23, Glen Smith ask for his plans to be removed. They are no longer available here.

  • Hi,

    I downloaded the 17ft 165lbs a few years ago in the hopes of one day building it as the design appeals to me.

    I see that the Glen Smith has asked that the plans be removed without any further explanation and am wondering if there is any problem that I should look out for before I commence the build.

    Kind regards and happy holidays

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