Integral Designs SilTarp 2 Review

Integral Designs SilTarp 2

The Integral Designs SilTarp 2 is an 8 feet by 10 feet silicone nylon tarp targeted at the fast and light crowd. Integral Designs uses a 30-denier, 1.1 oz. parachute, rip-stop nylon impregnated with 1/4 oz. of silicone. This level of impregnation gives the nylon the ability to withstand 1 lb. per square inch or the equivalent of 2 feet depth of water pressure. They claim that’s enough to withstand leaks from even strongest rainstorms.  The tarp has 16 nylon webbing loops sewn to the corners and at 2-foot intervals along the edges. A ridge-line seam, that needs seam sealing, runs 10 feet down the center of the tarp. An additional tie out point is in the center of the ridge-line seam. It comes in olive, yellow or gray. It weighs 14 oz.

Looking out from the SilTarp 2. On Lake Superior.I bought this tarp in 2001 and have used it on many trips as my primary shelter. When tent camping with a group, because the tarp is light, I tend to bring it along to use as a cooking shelter and place to hang-out on rainy days. Because the tarp is simple in shape without any catenary cuts, unlike the Kelty Noah Tarp or the Snowpeak Penta, I’m able to adjust the set-up based on the situation I’m in. I like the versatility allowed by the simple design. The number of webbing loops along the seams allows for many stake out points, which means that even in a storm, I can secure the edges to help prevent flapping. Even during bad rainstorms, unless I made a pitching mistake, the tarp remains dry. I like the gray color, because it remains unobtrusive to the eye when set-up. In the woods, the gray hides the tarp from view.

Although I don’t know how many days I’ve used the tarp — I’d venture a guess of 100s — the tarp looks as new as the first day it came out of the stuff sack. That’s a testament to both the fabric and the workmanship of Integral Designs. After inspecting the stitching for the review, it looks as good as new with every stitch straight and nothing missed — I can’t say that about all my silnylon gear; most notably the Tarptent Double Rainbow.

Integral Designs SilTarp 2 in stuff sack.When a product is this good, it’s hard to find anything to complain about. But I do have a few small nit-picks. The first is that the tarp doesn’t include stakes or guy lines. For the price, I’d expect that, at least, they’d include line. I recommend buying six Easton Stakes and a pack of Kelty Triptease. Together these items add 3.1 oz. to the total weight. The second nitpick I have is the lack of side-lifter, tie-out points. It’s easy to add them using a coin or smooth rock, but I use them often, so having them sewn in would be better than not. The third is the stuff sack. It’s sized to just fit the tarp and stakes. I find I have to roll the tarp to get it to fit perfectly. Stuffing the tarp, especially when it’s wet, takes extra time and is a struggle.

If you’re looking for a lightweight, versatile tarp, then this is it. Buy one.


Length: 10 feet
Width: 8 feet
Weight: 14 oz.
Capacity: 2 to 3 person
Packed Size: 4 inches by 8 inches Silcoat stuff sack
Colors: Grey, Yellow, Olive

Price: $145 | Buy Here | More Info

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  • I am a big fan of the same tarp. Oware and other companies make similar designs.
    Simple, light, flexible and roomy.

    I usually carry a Six Moon Designs Meteor bivy or Serenity Net Tent and often an ultralight ground cloth with mine to create a double wall shelter when needed.

    The bivy/net tent keeps the bugs away and helps keep the sleeping bag dry in snotty weather.

    The ground cloth allows a dry area when the ground is wet.

  • I like the look of the Serenity. How do you rig it under your tarp?

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