Recently in Minnesota members of the state’s GOP proposed that hikers and bikers pay user fees to use state trails (not to mention they already pay for a park pass). I wouldn’t be surprised to see paddlers targeted as well for using state water trails. The reason the GOP cited was because snowmobilers pay user […]


The 2nd Annual Essential Guide to Paddling the Parks by National Parks Traveler is out. The cover photo is mine and I have an article about paddling through the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness from Voyageurs National Park to Grand Portage National Monument. There are a ton of great articles in the magazine and it’s […]

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For years, PaddlingLight has been giving away the free drawings of historic and recent canoe and kayak, but I didn’t know how many plans people were downloading. In the last year I decided to start tracking just a few of the downloads to get a grasp on how many were actually being downloaded. I picked […]


new Minnesota boat trailer law

This law was repealed! You now have to affirm that you understand the AIS rules when you register a boat or get a out-of-state fishing license. Next time you trailer your canoe or kayak in Minnesota, you could be pulled over by a conservation officer who demands to see your papers. Well, it might not […]

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One of the missions of is to grow paddlesport participation in order to increase wilderness protection. The belief is that as people start to paddle and enjoy the woods more, they’ll want to preserve it. As Teddy Roosevelt said, “”The farther one gets into the wilderness, the greater is the attraction of its lonely freedom.” […]